So what exactly do you do after you finally graduated your university studies?You gotta have a plan of what you want to do after you finally graduate from college.Getting out of debt becomes a little bit harder and lot of times, people will not know what to do.My biggest advice for you is to not accumulate too much debt and students loans while you are still attending.Think of a plan of how you're going to repay all of this.I had to settle for a sucky low end job since I couldn't find a good one and I needed to pay off my debts ASAP.But since I studied to become a teach, there are grants to pay off student loans that really helped me get my debts paid off.The average time that it takes a student to finally land that job that they wanted is around six months.Another thing is that these students will find themselves battling it out for low paying entry level jobs.A college friend of mind also went out of this way to make sure that any debt he has was paid for.To my knowledge, the only real way to do this is to get a full time job while you are still in college.If you do this, your grades will prbly slip and it becomes harder to concentrate and study because you just simply don't have the time to.Another tip I have for you guys is to consolidate any kind of debt that you may have while you are still in college.A good practice is to keep a complete listing of any kind of loans that you have taken out while in college and to calculate your monthly repayment.

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